Module Template for Full Applications

The PX4 Firmware contains a template for writing a new application (module) that runs as a task on its own stack: src/templates/module.

All the things learned in the First Application Tutorial are relevant for writing a full application.

The template demonstrates the following additional features/aspects that are required or are useful for a full application:

  • Accessing parameters and reacting to parameter updates.
  • uORB subscriptions and waiting for topic updates.
  • Controlling the task that runs in the background via start/stop/status. The module start [<arguments>] command can then be directly added to the startup script.
  • Command-line argument parsing.
  • Documentation: the PRINT_MODULE_* methods serve two purposes (the API is documented in the source code):
    • They are used to print the command-line usage when entering module help on the console.
    • They are automatically extracted via script to generate the Modules & Commands Reference page.

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