Using Vision or Motion Capture systems

Before following the instructions below, ensure that your autopilot has a firmware version with the LPE modules enabled. The LPE version of the PX4 firmware can be found inside the zip file of the latest PX4 release or it can be built from source using a build command such as make px4_fmu-v2_lpe. See Building the Code for more details.






LPE Tuning for Vision or Mocap


需要设置几个参数(从QGroundControl或者NSH shell)来使能或者禁用视觉/运动捕捉。



Disabling barometer fusion

If a highly accurate altitude is already available from vision or mocap information, it may be useful to disable the baro correction in LPE to reduce drift on the Z axis.

There is a bit field for this in the parameter LPE_FUSION, which you can set from QGroundControl. Just uncheck "fuse baro".

Tuning noise parameters

If your vision or mocap data is highly accurate, and you just want the estimator to track it tightly, you should reduce the standard deviation parameters, LPE_VIS_XY and LPE_VIS_Z (for vision) or LPE_VIC_P (for motion capture). Reducing them will cause the estimator to trust the incoming pose estimate more. You may need to set them lower than the allowed minimum and force-save.

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