PX4 开发指南 (v1.11.0)

版本发布 讨论 Slack

本手册主要面向软件开发人员及(新的)硬件集成商。 To fly, build and modify vehicles using supported hardware see the PX4 User Guide.



Support provide links to the discussion boards and other support channels.

The Weekly Dev Call is another great opportunity to meet the PX4 dev team and discuss platform technical details, pull requests, major impacting issues etc. There is also time for Q&A.


Contributing explains how to work with our source codelines, documentation, translations, and licenses.


The code is free to use and modify under terms of the permissive BSD 3-clause license. The documentation is licensed under CC BY 4.0. For more information see: Licences.


There are Chinese and Korean translations of this guide. You can access these by clicking the language-switcher icon:

Gitbook Language Selector

日历 & 活动

The Dronecode Calendar shows important events for platform developers and users. Select the links below to display the calendar in your timezone (and to add it to your own calendar):

Note: calendar defaults to CET.


The PX4 flight stack is hosted under the governance of the Dronecode Project.

Dronecode Logo Linux Foundation Logo


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