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Tests Flights

Test flights are important for quality assurance. The Dronecode test team can help review (test flight) your pull requests and provide feedback and logs.

How to Request Test Flights

  • Add a complete and thorough description of your changes in the pull request
  • Tag the test team in a comment using @PX4/testflight
  • Wait for feedback from the test team
  • The test team will add your PR/issue to their queue

Response Times

  • Multi-Copter: up to 48 hours (typically within 24 hours)
  • VTOL, Fixed Wing: up to 4 days (typically 2 days)

Test Cards

The tests performed for each platform are linked below:

Test Vehicles/Autopilots


Frame Flight Controller UUID
DJI F450 Pixhawk Mini 002400283335510A33373538 (f450-v3)
DJI F450 Pixhawk 1 000100000000363533353336510900500021 (f450-v3)
DJI F450 Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) 00010000000033343537313751050040001c (F450 Pixhawk v2 cube)
DJI F450 Pixracer 00010000000037373430333551170037002a (F450-Pixracer)
DJI F450 Pixhawk 3 Pro 000100000000303236353136510500180036 (Pixhawk pro)
DJI F450 Pixhack V3 003200293036511638363834 (f450-v5-m)
DJI F450 Pixhawk 4 000200000000383339333038510700320016 (F450-v5)
DJI F450 Pixhawk 4 Mini 0002000000003432333830385115003a0033 (F450-v5-m)
DJI F450 UAVCAN Pixhawk 4 000200000000323634353237511800200021 (F450-Pixhawk4)
Holybro QAV250 Pixhawk 4 Mini 000200000000343233383038511500420032 (f450-v5-m)
NXP Semiconductor KIT-HGDRONEK66 ("Hovergames") RDDRONE-FMUK66 00030016ffffffffffff4e45362050130029

Fixed Wing

Frame Flight Controller UUID
Phantom Wing Pixhawk 1 0001000000003035333330365104003c0020 (f450-v2)


Frame Flight Controller UUID
Convergence VTOL Pixhawk 4 Mini 000200000000343233383038511500350039 (vtol-v5-m)
Delta Quad Pro Dropix 0001000000003437393931375114004c0042 (delta-v2)

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