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Weekly Dev Call

The PX4 dev team syncs up on platform technical details and in-depth analysis. There is also space in the agenda to discuss pull requests, major impacting issues and Q&A.

Who should attend:

  • Core project maintainers
  • Component maintainers
  • Test team lead
  • Dronecode members
  • Community members

The dev call is open to all interested developers (not just the core dev team). This is a great opportunity to meet the team and contribute to the ongoing development of the platform.

What gets discussed?

The first/main part of the meeting runs for 45 minutes and provides a high-level forum to discuss where the project is going.

This is where we discuss contributions, including issues/PRs that have the dev call label. We expect the proposer and the assigned reviewer to be on the call!

The main call is designed to support rapid/focused decision making. We don't expect deep technical discussions and we will not spend extended amounts of time on feature requests. Proposals are welcome, but they need a sponsor (someone willing to implement the work)!

The second part of the meeting is for in-depth technical discussions and open ended questions. The core team/subsystem maintainers will be available for up to 45 additional minutes.


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