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Multi-Vehicle Simulation with FlightGear

This topic explains how to simulate multiple vehicles using FlightGear in SITL. All vehicle instances have parameters defined by their startup scripts.

This is the most environmentally realistic way to simulate multiple vehicles running PX, and allows easy testing of multiple different types of vehicles. QGroundControl, MAVSDK 등에서 다중 기체 지원 여부를 시험해보기에 적합합니다. Multi-Vehicle Simulation with Gazebo를 대신 활용하는게 좋습니다. 다중 기체의 무리 비행 모의시험, 가제보에서만 지원하는 컴퓨터 비전 기능 시험.

How to Start Multiple Instances

To start multiple instances (on separate ports and IDs):

  1. Checkout the PX4 branch that supports multiple vehicles (at ThunderFly-aerospace):
    git clone
    cd PX4Firmware
    git checkout flightgear-multi
  2. Build the PX4 Firmware using the standard toolchain (with FlightGear installed).
  3. Start the first instance using the predefined scripts:
    cd ./Tools/flightgear_bridge/scripts
  4. Start subsequent instances using another script:

Each instance should have its own startup script, which can represent a completely different vehicle type. For prepared scripts you should get the following view.

Multi-vehicle simulation using PX4 SITL and FlightGear

QGroundControl같은 지상 통제 장치에서는 일반 UDP 포트 14550 번으로 모든 인스턴스에 연결합니다(모든 트래픽은 동일한 포트로 들어갑니다).

The number of simultaneously running instances is limited mainly by computer resources. FlightGear is a single-thread application, but aerodynamics solvers consume a lot of memory. Therefore splitting to multiple computers and using a multiplayer server is probably required to run many vehicle instances.

Additional Resources

  • See Simulation for more information about the port configuration.

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