Installing Files and Code

PX4 code can be developed on Linux or Mac OS. We recommend Ubuntu Linux LTS edition as this enables building all PX4 targets, and using most simulators and ROS.

A Windows toolchain also exists but is not officially supported (we highly discourage its use). It is possible to build PX4 on Windows using a virtual machine running Ubuntu Linux, but this may not provide a reliable platform for Simulation. Before starting to develop on Windows, consider installing a dual-boot environment with Ubuntu.

Supported Targets

The table below show what PX targets you can build on each OS.

Target Linux (Ubuntu) Mac Windows
NuttX based hardware: Pixhawk Series, Crazyflie, Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone X X X
Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight hardware X
Linux-based hardware: Raspberry Pi 2/3, Parrot Bebop X
Simulation: jMAVSim SITL X X X
Simulation: Gazebo SITL X X
Simulation: ROS with Gazebo X

Development Environment

The installation of the development environment is covered below:

If you're familiar with Docker you can also use one of the prepared containers: Docker Containers

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