Installing Files and Code

PX4 code can be developed on Linux or Mac OS. We recommend Ubuntu Linux LTS edition as this enables building all PX4 targets.

A Windows toolchain also exists but is not officially supported (we highly discourage its use). It is possible to build PX4 on Windows using a virtual machine running Ubuntu Linux, but this may not provide a reliable platform for Simulation. Before starting to develop on Windows, consider installing a dual-boot environment with Ubuntu.

Supported Targets

The table below show what PX targets you can build on each OS.

Target Linux (Ubuntu) Mac Windows
NuttX based hardware: Pixhawk Series, Crazyflie, Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone X X X
Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight hardware X
Linux-based hardware: Raspberry Pi 2/3, Parrot Bebop X
Simulation: jMAVSim SITL X X X
Simulation: Gazebo SITL X X

Development Environment

The installation of the development environment is covered below:

If you're familiar with Docker you can also use one of the prepared containers: Docker Containers

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