Initial Configuration

Before starting to develop on PX4, the system should be configured initially with a default configuration to ensure the hardware is set up properly and is tested. The video below explains the setup process with Pixhawk hardware and QGroundControl. A list of supported reference airframes is here.

Download the DAILY BUILD of QGroundControl and follow the video instructions below to set up your vehicle. See the QGroundControl Tutorial for details on mission planning, flying and parameter setting.

A list of setup options is below the video.

Radio Control Options

The PX4 flight stack does not mandate a radio control system. It also does not mandate the use of individual switches for selecting flight modes.

Flying without Radio Control

All radio control setup checks can be disabled by setting the parameter COM_RC_IN_MODE to 1. This will not allow manual flight, but e.g. flying in

Single Channel Mode Switch

Instead of using multiple switches, in this mode the system accepts a single channel as mode switch. This is explained in the legacy wiki.

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