Lightware SF1XX lidar setup

This page shows you how to set up one of following lidars:

  1. SF10/a
  2. SF10/b
  3. SF10/c
  4. SF11/c

Driver supports only i2c connection.

Configuring lidar

You should connect to sensor via usb (it has internal usb to serial converter), run terminal, press space and check that i2c address equal to 0x66. Newer sensor versions already have 0x66 preconfigured. Older have 0x55 which conflicts with rgbled module.

Configuring PX4

Use the SENS_EN_SF1XX parameter to select the lidar model and then reboot.

  • 0 lidar disabled
  • 1 SF10/a
  • 2 SF10/b
  • 3 SF10/c
  • 4 SF11/c

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