Flight Controller Porting Guide

This topic for developers who want to port PX4 to work with new flight controller hardware.


PX4 consists of two main layers: The board support and middleware layer on top of the host OS (NuttX, Linux or any other POSIX platform like Mac OS). And the applications (in src/modules).

This guide is focused only on the middleware as the applications will run on any board target.

NuttX Boards

The location of the main files for a NuttX board are:

QuRT / Hexagon

  • The start script is located in posix-configs/.
  • The OS configuration is part of the default Linux image (TODO: Provide location of LINUX IMAGE and flash instructions).
  • The PX4 middleware configuration is located in src/drivers/boards. TODO: ADD BUS CONFIG
  • Drivers: DriverFramework.
  • Reference config: Running make qurt_eagle_release builds the Snapdragon Flight reference config.

Linux Boards

Linux boards do not include the OS and kernel configuration. These are already provided by the Linux image available for the board (which needs to support the inertial sensors out of the box).

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