Architectural Overview

PX4 is architected in a modular fashion, such that there is a single codebase for all vehicle types.


Basic Equipment

All hardware configurations in the airframe section assume a basic set of equipment:

  • A Taranis Plus remote control for the safety pilot (or equivalent with PPM / S.BUS out)
  • A ground control station
    • Samsung Note 4 or equivalent / more recent Android tablet
    • iPad (requires Wifi telemetry adapter)
    • Any MacBook or Ubuntu Linux laptop
  • An in-field computer (for software developers)
    • MacBook Pro or Air with OS X 10.10 or newer
    • Modern laptop with Ubuntu Linux (14.04 or newer)
  • Safety glasses
  • For multicopters: A tether for more risky tests

PX4 can be used with a much wider range of equipment, but new developers will benefit from going with one of the standard setups, and a Taranis RC plus a Note 4 tablet make up for a very inexpensive field kit.

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