PX4 has a flexible mixing system that allows it to support almost any imaginable vehicle type/frame through a single codebase:

  • Planes: Normal planes, flying wings, inverted V-tail planes, etc.
  • VTOL Airframes: VTOL configurations including: Tailsitters, Tiltrotors, and QuadPlanes (plane + quad).
  • UGVs/Rovers: Basic support has been added for Unmanned Ground Vehicles, enabling both manual and mission-based control.

Build logs for the supported airframes can be found in the PX4 User Guide. You can also find a list of all supported frame types and motor outputs in the Airframes Reference.

We are currently migrating airframe build logs to the user guide.

PX4 is also well-suited for use in other vehicle types and general robots, ranging from submarine, boats, or amphibious vehicles, through to experimental aircraft and rockets.

This section provides information that is relevant to developers who want to add support for new vehicles or vehicle types to PX4, including build logs for vehicles that are still being developed.

Let us know if you have a new vehicle or frame-type you want to help support in PX4.

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