Switching State Estimators

This page shows you which state estimators are available and how you can switch between them.

Available estimators

1. Q attitude estimator

The attitude Q estimator is a very simple, quaternion based complementary filter for attitude.

2. INAV position estimator

The INAV position estimator is a complementary filter for 3D position and velocity states.

3. LPE position estimator

The LPE position estimator is an extended kalman filter for 3D position and velocity states.

4. EKF2 attitude, position and wind states estimator

EKF2 is an extended kalman filter estimating attitude, 3D position / velocity and wind states.

How to enable different estimators

For multirotors and VTOL use the parameter SYS_MC_EST_GROUP to chose between the following configurations.

0 enabled enabled
1 enabled enabled
2 enabled

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